More cute and nice curtains

Modern curtain becomes young people favorite curtain for home decor

Chinese landscape painting commonly seem on Chinese curtain which combines the post-modern character. With those curtains for home decoration, many kinds of connotation for living room decoration, comfort and elegant. Color of Chinese curtain mainly means to rustic but has modern design idea combination. Both traditional and antique. czytaj dalej

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Curtains 2016

Bedroom curtain designing reveals the home style

Wandering around the renovation market and I found more and more people pay more attention to interior decoration when when they doing home renovation. For example, then they doing bedroom curtain buying, curtain should be blackout quality and at the same time bedroom curtain should can match well the whole room style. czytaj dalej

The vintage curtains could make our house very simple

Since the bedroom curtains are specially designed for ourselves, in the romantic and secret bedroom, the curtains could be the best accessories, at the same time, they could help us protect privacy and adjust the light, in the choice of bedroom curtains, we could choose dark color fabric, it is very bright, at the same time, it could help us sleep, at the same time, the elegant floral on the curta czytaj dalej

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Curtains 2016

Decent and beautiful blue floral curtains

Sometimes we may believe that the color of the curtains should be the pink, red or yellow, we rarely take the blue as the curtain color into consideration, but in fact, the blue curtain would bring you a different feeling . The curtain must be a big decoration of the room, an appropriate curtain can make the bedroom become more content, if you want to make the room to be more comfortable, please h czytaj dalej

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