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Decent and beautiful blue floral curtains

Sometimes we may believe that the color of the curtains should be the pink, red or yellow, we rarely take the blue as the curtain color into consideration, but in fact, the blue curtain would bring you a different feeling . The curtain must be a big decoration of the room, an appropriate curtain can make the bedroom become more content, if you want to make the room to be more comfortable, please have a try the recommend blue curtains, it would make your beautiful boudoir to be more special absolutely.

Blue Plaid Lines Striped Vintage Style kids curtains ideas

Firstly, you can select a white texture curtain, and then use the blue outline to draw a straight line in a rectangular box. Thus you can get the blue curtain. Blue curtain will make whole space to be fresh and elegant, because the lines are concise which would avoid too sweet and greasy feeling. You can also choose the same style sheets and pillow; the floral design of them would be uniformed with the curtain, which will make whole room looks very harmonious.

blue curtains

A blue floral curtain with the whole piece of curtain filled with floral pattern has shown the temperament of the little girl, Blue small embellishment coupled with the curtain rod light blue ribbon just like small girls' decorations which are full of elegance and temperament. We also can match the selected curtain with a layer of pale blue wrinkle gauze outside, which can highlight a partly hidden and partly visible feeling; it also shows a sense of mystery of the little girl room. When we decorate the room, we can use it as a curtain, or a bed around hangings, they are full of the sense of design, and they also can reflect the girl's temperament. Not all the girls love the sweet color, just like the pink and so on, the blue color looks calm and peaceful, it will make people feel quiet, thus some girls are not fond of the excitement, the blue curtain would be the best choice, it would be never too sweet.

A blue floral pattern curtain is very suitable for the decorations of women's room, which can highlight women's elegant temperament. We can choose a light blue floral curtain, which can give a person a kind of quiet and reserved feeling when you enter the room,. The curtain surrounding use straight line hook will make you feel special.

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