More cute and nice curtains

The vintage curtains could make our house very simple

Since the bedroom curtains are specially designed for ourselves, in the romantic and secret bedroom, the curtains could be the best accessories, at the same time, they could help us protect privacy and adjust the light, in the choice of bedroom curtains, we could choose dark color fabric, it is very bright, at the same time, it could help us sleep, at the same time, the elegant floral on the curtains could help us relax, then we could sleep fast.

The velvet sofa is from the mind of the designers, and the colors are very bright, but these colors are romantic, so the designers would choose bright colors, at this time, the grape pattern could let us very happy, which could make the curtains lively and happy, as to the color of curtains, we could choose green and coffee color, which could make the house very lively, among the collections of curtains, the house would show their charming, at the same time, the function of curtains are very big, then it could be the perfect effect, and the function of the blackout curtains ( are from roman curtains, we also could see the bird pattern.

The whole house would be full of golden charming, and the designers would choose the paper to design the wall, then at last, they choose to be as the special colors, in order to make the curtains and soft to be as the actress.

The perfect accessories could make the room very pretty, where could protect the other things, the golden iron gauze could show the noble charming in the colors, at the same time, it could keep the air inside.

blackout curtains

As the special of the room, then it is very silent, if we could not add the purple color, then it won’t have this feeling, which could make the purple pattern soft and romantic.

The romance is just charming which could be full of wine, coffee and so on, they could put the tulle up, which could give us best feeling.